Gather ideas

Whilst Nick can offer design suggestions, it's always more productive if you get some ideas together yourself first. It can be as simple as taking a handful of photos off the internet or ripping a photo from a magazine that will guide Nick towards the design styles you feel most drawn to. From there, Nick will be able to quote accurately and avoid any guess work when quoting for your project. Pinterest or Google Images are both fantastic visual resources to pull some thoughts together.


S - Euro Oak Front Door.jpg

Types of Wood

Nick is happy to advise on the best type of wood for the purpose of your new product, but if you have a clear idea of the colour and finish you're after then that's important for Nick to know too. There are a wealth of different colours, grains and styles to choose from, and some wood types will offer more protection and longevity than others, so it's best to run through your wish list with Nick and he'll be able to advise accordingly. 




Consider your Ironmongery

Often the last consideration, ironmongery plays a huge part in setting off the hard work that's gone into making your new timber product. Make sure you budget for ironmongery that will complement your product perfectly, function exactly how you need it to and will be robust enough to last. If you need help choosing the right products then Nick's happy to discuss the best options.


Spray Painting Service

A spray painted finish to your wooden product is the very best way to bring it to life. It will give a smooth seamless finish that will do to the product true justice, leaving no visible brush streaks or imperfections. Nick has a fully kitted spraying facility at his workshop and can include costs for this service with your quote. Depending on the size of your project, it's important to bear in mind that painting will add around a week to your timescales, allowing for 2-3 neccessary coats and drying time inbetween.


S - Curved headed door 2 inside.jpg

Wood Finishes to bring out the best

There are many types of finishes that will generate different results and protection for your investment. Once applied, Nick can achieve different colours and effects to bring out the best in the wood colour and complement other wood finishes in your home.



Movement & Maintenance

Timber is a beautiful product to work with but it's a natural product, and all things natural are prone to slight movement. Maintaining your new wood product carefully through the years will undoubtedly add longevity, protect it's beauty and make the very most of your investment. Timber which is exposed to the elements, or particularly exposed to driving wind and rain, will need a little extra care. When your project is installed and complete, we'll happily advise on the best ways to protect your investment for the years to come.